EU Leadership Award 2017

Betina Mazzarino PWN Global VP Entrepreneurship and coordinator Flor Hofmann receiving the EU leadership Award from the hands of Dr. Craen, and the former president of Switzerland, Dr. Ogi.

Award winner Betina Mazzarino holding the EU Leadership Award @ the EU Business School Munich

About the award

In 2001, Saint Bernard Pass Charitable Foundation launched a joint initiative with EU to honor the contributions and efforts made by individuals and organizations who’s work to change the world for better. These awards recognize substantial efforts in the areas of Family Business, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability, Leadership, and Corporate Responsibility.

The Story

In 2016, PWN Munich launched their Virtual Entrepreneurship Program (VEP). In just one year, the VEP went from a local operation with 25 participants in Europe to a global venture that reached 70 participants, with a truly global audience – participants from Brazil, Turkey, the U.S and Europe.

Both the program and initiative were conceived and developed by Betina Mazzarino to empower professionals to achieve their business goals and aspirations.

The program was brought to fruition with the immeasurable support of the coordinators Flor Puppio, Federica Ferracini, Julia Bordes and Susan Blenkinsop.