Developing Team Synergy

Synergy is better than my way or your way. It’s our way. — Dr. Stephen Covey

A program designed to help members of a team, department or small company understand what steps to take to work more effectively as a unit made up of individuals.

Do you want to move toward a more productive and agile organization that leverages purpose toward profit? Then ask yourself the following three questions: “How is my team working?” “Is everyone moving in the same direction?” “Do we all share the same vision?”

Creating the right conditions for a sustainable transformation and an agile workflow requires a closer look at the human relationships that underpin your organization; the network of individuals without which there’s no way to produce results.

The Developing Team Synergy program answers the question of how individuals can work differently to work best as a team. It is about how people in your organization can become more human and accomplish what they want to accomplish in encouraging ways that make them feel empowered.

Working with team synergies or relationships is the best place to unlock a deep transformational process that integrates, within the context of the workplace, different levels of value-based practices as a source for mindset shift and growth.

The program benefits both individuals and organizations by promoting a culture of partnership and collaboration, developing the necessary competencies and fostering practices that produce breakthrough results, boost innovation and increase productivity through empowerment.

Program Outcomes

  • Create team mission and vision statements based on both company and personal values
  • Strengthen relationships by addressing issues that live “below the surface”
  • Define the team’s agreed-upon norms for working together in the future
  • Optimize teamwork and make workflow more agile

Program Components

Diagnostic assessment and team survey
Workshop facilitation and team training
Debriefing meetings and group sessions
Coaching: Executive one-on-one coaching

Program Delivery:
Betina Mazzarino, PCC –
Veronica Cancio De Grandy, M.A.

Values alignment process Point of Value®
360 degree-feedback

Delivery Language: English

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