Finding Your Voice

The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. – Neil Gaiman

Having the confidence to speak in front of the people, to ask for what you want, or to contribute your ideas during meetings can be incredibly challenging. Through the Finding your Voice program, you can learn how to hone your confidence, assertiveness, communication skills and unique expression.

What is your inner voice? How do you communicate your ideas? Can you make yourself heard above the crowd?

Finding your own voice and believing that you have value are all essential traits that will make you an authentic, inspirational, credible communicator and leader. Leaders know that, to get ahead, get others on board, develop deeper and trusting relationships, and drive results, they must communicate of their ideas and vision clearly.

The skills that performers acquire to move, convince, inspire and entertain can have powerful applications in the world of business and organizations as well as in social spheres. The good news? These are skills, so anyone can learn to develop them.

These various communication skills will allow you to create profound and authentic connections with others, be it through a speech, presentation, pitch or even in everyday conversation.


The program consists of four modules, each composed of three 90-minute sessions.

  • Module 1: Assessment & Purpose
  • Module 2: Focus & Narrative
  • Module 3: Form & Expression
  • Module 4: Listening & Storytelling

Program Outcomes

This program will help team leaders, managers, supervisors, business owners and individuals find their voices to express what they want to say. Through this program you can:

  • Develop the ability to “be in the moment” and flexibility to handle the unexpected
  • Build and improve relationships with others through empathy, attentiveness and authenticity
  • Gain acceptance for your authentic self and to reflect your values in your decision and actions
  • Learn how to use any of your resources: words, voice, body language to communicate one congruent message

Program Delivery:
Betina Mazzarino, PCC
Veronica Cancio de Grandy, M.A.
Delivery Language: English

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