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Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about impact, influence and inspiration. — Robin S. Sharma

No matter what you would like to achieve, there are a few universal qualities that enhance any profile: visual impact, presence, communication and persuasion. This three-pronged program focuses on three key areas, Coaching, Communication and Visual Impact, to bolster an individual’s impact and influence over any situation.

Have you ever wondered how some people command attention when they speak? How leaders inspire people to follow them? How some people always look like they have it together? All those people have a few qualities in common that put them a notch above the rest.

As both people and as professionals, we all consider that we have “strengths” and “weaknesses”. In other words, there are things that we excel at and things we falter in. However, it is important to realize that, as humans or leaders, we are not binary, nor do we all have the same processes.

The Impact & Influence program fosters these skills taking into account who you are and where you are in your life as opposed to treating you like an archetype and setting you on a generic path. It is a mistake to think that there is only one way to develop leadership qualities or to communicate effectively, it’s often a question of style with a few basic skills and strategies that can be learned, developed and practiced.

Taking stock of who you are by first examining your values and your priorities is what makes this program different. Our three-pronged approach will leverage who you are, where you come from and other ontological aspects to place you on a personal path toward increasing both your impact and influence in daily life.

Program Outcomes

  • Understand the role your personal values play in your life and how they can enhance both your storytelling and visual impact
  • Learn to apply key techniques and visual strategies to enhance your image.
  • Use your personal values to define your USP peace (Unique selling Point)
  • Apply and adapt storytelling techniques to increase your persuasiveness during presentations, speeches and during meetings
  • Develop your personal story to inspire action
    Utilize your values to Magnify different aspects of your
  • Authentic presence to adapt to the context at hand
Curate your aesthetic to optimize your time and efficiency when choosing your wardrobe


This program consists of 13 sessions divided as follows.

Intro & Assessment Session: This is a diagnostic session where you will meet with the team, and we will determine where you are, your desired outcomes and the best path to get you there.

Coaching Module will identify personal core values that influence and distinguish ourselves within our environment. Cultivate values-based physical practices that help you make a strong impact on your audience. (6 sessions)
Communication Module will develop your skills into how you could best tell your story, express your ideas and get your point across. (4 sessions)
Visual Impact Module will analyze your body type, enhance your style and give you tools to empower your personal image.


Program Delivery:
Betina Mazzarino, PCC
Veronica Cancio de Grandy M.A.
Flor Hofmann

Assessment: Point of Value® is an evaluation that maps out your core values to increase your insight and understanding of who your are.

Delivery Language: English



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